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If your air conditioning doesn’t blow as cold or as strong as it should, don’t just put up with it, book in for an AC inspection and service.

At Midas Strathpine, we service Lawnton and the surrounding suburbs, including Strathpine, Bald Hills, Bray Park and Bracken Ridge. We can diagnose and repair air conditioning faults including faulty compressors, leaked refrigerant or electrical issues. Even in winter, air conditioning is helpful for demisting fogged up windows.

Symptoms of an air conditioning fault include:

  • Taking longer to demist
  • Weak airflow
  • Odours and smells from dashboard vents
  • Water leaks inside your vehicle
  • Rattling or strange sounds when air conditioning is turned on

A successful air conditioning repair will involve specialist equipment and leak testing to ensure issues don’t arise.

Non functional air conditioning systems can contribute to discomfort, driver fatigue and increased stress. Don’t wait, enquire today.